We are what we feel, just as we are what we eat. And when those feelings become complex emotions like anxiety, depression, procrastination or self-loathing, turning to food to cope is often the result.

The ShrinkYourself online program expertly guides you to not only facing your emotions and stresses in life, but healing them, so that turning to food to cope is no longer required.

Finding yourself free from emotional eating puts you in the new position of being in control of both your emotions and your weight. And with ShrinkYourself’s tools and online support community by your side, you’ll be equipped to ensure future challenges don’t result in future pounds.

Become a ShrinkYourself™ member today:

  • Use the Zap My Craving app to turn off your CRAVING SWITCH whenever you have the urge to binge. Now included at no extra cost for the duration of your ShrinkYourself membership.

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  • Explore and resolve more than 3,500 everyday life challenges with Master My Stress

  • Get inspired by your Today page, with recommendations on what to do next

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