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ShrinkYourself™ helps uncover the issues behind your emotional eating, then provides you with the tools to handle them in a confident new way, leaving you with the ability to eat for health and simple pleasure again, and remain in control of your weight for good.

What is emotional eating?

Emotional Eating is a bad habit that’s formed when you eat for comfort rather than hunger. This causes weight issues, but on a deeper level masks the existence of one or more stresses in your life. Instead of facing these problems and dealing with them, you use comfort eating for relief, reward or distraction, which ultimately only allows them to continue, and leads to feelings like guilt, frustration and depression.

How ShrinkYourself™ works

Learning to recognize and block your emotional eating triggers is the first step to breaking free from food cravings and compulsive overeating – and changing the bad habits that have sabotaged your past diets. Our free Zap My Craving app helps you attack these triggers whenever and wherever they arise, quickly guiding you from temptation to control, and temporarily turning off your hunger switch.

Permanently blocking your emotional eating triggers requires an understanding that there is a conflict between the rational part of your brain and the emotional part. By upgrading to our full program, you’ll resolve this conflict by delving deeper into the underlying reasons behind the moods that cause you to eat for comfort. Whether it’s a problem at work or a broken relationship, our interactive tools will guide you to permanently blocking your emotional eating triggers and successfully turning off your hunger switch. See how ShrinkYourself™ works in this short introductory video.

How to make ShrinkYourself™ work for you

More than four decades of experience and research is embedded in your personalized 3-month plan. Following your plan will ensure you receive the greatest benefit possible.

Dr. Gould is a leading expert on emotional eating and adult development

"I learned things that I tried to hide from myself and your program found all of them. I learned I don't need to let food and eating rule and ruin me." Sarah7

Life-changing. Life-saving. That’s how people describe the online programs developed by Dr. Roger Gould, the pioneer of digital therapy. A board-certified psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, author and former Head of Community and Outpatient Psychiatry at UCLA with more than 40 years of clinical experience, he is one of the world’s leading experts on emotional eating and behavior change.

Recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as a pioneer in the use of computers in psychotherapy, he was the first to understand the power of mobile technology to deliver the psychotherapeutic process of behavior change exactly when and where you need it.

His conversational model allows you to have an authentic dialogue with yourself, empowering you to tap into your own inner wisdom and systematically resolve the internal conflict between your intention to change and the emotional thought patterns that are preventing it. It takes you on a journey from feeling powerless, to being in control of your emotions and your weight.

He is the author of two best selling books, "Transformations" which is required reading for any student of behavioral health and adult development, and "ShrinkYourself” – which has helped thousands of people to conquer their emotional eating, regain their power and change for the better.

A Kaiser Permanente/UCLA study found that Dr. Gould's online therapy sessions have the same effect as an in-person session with an experienced therapist.

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High praise for Dr. Roger Gould

Obesity is an epidemic in America, and numerous experts have tried to identify its causes. Drawing on his background in psychiatry, Roger Gould makes a major contribution to our understanding of it by identifying the basic emotions that give rise to unhealthy eating habits and offering a manageable step-by-step program for readers to combat it.

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