Frequently Asked Questions

Is emotional eating really the biggest reason I cannot control my weight?

Yes. Unfortunately, if food is your medication for stress and frustration, you can never stay on a diet or eat healthy for very long. The reality is that food controls you, instead of you controlling food, which leaves you unable to control your weight.

Why don’t more people know about this?

Most people know about emotional eating because it happens every day. But no one, up till now, has known what to do about it except go into psychotherapy – which is either too expensive, or simply too scary for most.

Can I really end my emotional eating habit? I’ve been doing it for so long.

It doesn't matter how long you've been emotionally eating. The only thing that matters is whether you are tired enough of the old self-defeating cycles and ready to do the work to end the habit.

I have tried to stop in the past, but couldn’t. Why will ShrinkYourself work?

It's very difficult to stop on your own as a habit like emotional eating has deep roots in your life that usually can't be changed without a guide. ShrinkYourself is a step by step program that uncovers the issues behind your emotional eating, then provides you with the tools to manage them in a confident new way.

Why am I afraid to try this?

You're afraid that you can't keep your emotions in check without using food as a medication to shut off your mind at difficult times. But you're selling yourself very short. And once you learn that you can not only survive, but indeed flourish – by thinking instead of eating – a whole new part of your life will open up to you.

Can I join if I am not in the United States?

Yes. We have many members in the UK, Europe, Australia, and other countries. Just use a payment card online for US funds.

What is the difference between the Online Program and the book?

The new ShrinkYourself has been based on the psychotherapeutic process that Dr. Roger Gould describes in his best-selling book of the same name. ShrinkYourself provides you with daily, bite-sized guidance, techniques and conversations to help you develop a much healthier relationship with food. The original book and e-book provide you with additional context and examples, but ShrinkYourself has been designed to help emotional eaters think through the very specific problems that drive them to seek comfort and relief in food wherever they are, at the moment they need it. Used in tandem, they are both very valuable tools to help you overcome your struggle with emotional eating.

What's the difference between the old ShrinkYourself online program and the new ShrinkYourself?

The new ShrinkYourself is designed to be used wherever you are in life, both physically and emotionally, at the moment you need it. There is no set number of steps or number of weeks to complete the work.

The new guided sessions are not timed or rigidly structured. Whether you have a craving, are in a bad mood, or dealing with a stress, you can engage in a session whenever you want to and in whatever order.

The new ShrinkYourself contains a comprehensive library of guided sessions that deal with managing stress that were not available in the old program. This is very important to the healing process.

All work done in the guided sessions is automatically captured and stored in an interactive online JOURNAL, where the information is organized by Goal, Insight, and Progress.

The Diary function from the old ShrinkYourself program is now equivalent to posting in the TALK section. You have the ability to share your posts with the ShrinkYourself community or keep them private.

The library of ShrinkYourself content, articles, blogs and tips are now organized under the READ section in a new user-friendly interface.

How do I install ShrinkYourself on my mobile device?

Use this link: to learn how to install ShrinkYourself. You can also access this option by selecting the Mobile Installation link from the main menu within your mobile device.